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2016_novemberIf you’re just joining us this month here’s how it works : for each day of the month ahead I’ve chosen a prompt. You can either write the word itself, or use the word as a creative springboard and write something inspired by it (eg. if the prompt was ‘blue’, you could write blue, write using the colour blue, write something that is blue, or share something that makes you feel blue).

Some people prefer weekly prompts over daily, so if you’re just joining in weekly, use the prompts that are relevant to each Saturday (or post progress pics through the week and your final on Saturday). That being said, no-one is under any obligation to do every day, or even to post on the given day – it’s totally up to you. Throughout the month I’ll look through the posts on the hashtag and choose some to share on Instagram.

Feel free to elaborate on your image in the caption, and include what tools you used if you can – it’s fun to see what others are working with.

When you post, use the hashtag #togetherweletter and tag @togetherweletter on your posts so I can check them all out and we can all share together. Just a reminder that if your profile is private it won’t be shared on the hashtag feed and I won’t be able to see it.

As always, have fun, and remember there is beauty in imperfection.



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