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Want to know what others are saying about Freestyle Calligraphy?

?I love the technical aspects of the course, and your gentle encouragement to embrace our imperfections and practice as much as possible to improve ourselves where needed.? Bec

?I truly DID love this class! ?You did a fantastic job of putting it together.?As someone who has been stuck in the italic calligraphy rut for years, I was captivated by your style of lettering and others like it, so I was excited to see that you were offering this class soon after I started following you on Instagram.? Starla

?I loved the course. I am a total beginner to lettering and this really helped jump start my practice and I am seeing a lot of improvement in my skill! Thanks so much for offering the course and I will definitely recommend it!? Sandra

?I loved it! I?ve wanted so much to get started for so long and just felt like I couldn?t do it anytime I tried. So the course certainly gave me the confidence to pick up the pens/brushes and give it a go and I amazed myself! A long way to go but even with a little instruction I felt so much more confident.? Jo

?I really enjoyed the sessions, especially when you encouraged everyone to embrace imperfection and to find their own personal style. You’ve awakened in me a love of art that was lying dormant in my heart. Thank you for inspiring me.? Lisa

?I?ve loved taking this class. Your videos with close up shots were great. You gave such good description, as to hold the pens and brushes. This was such a big help, especially with the brushes! Thanks so much for the wonderful class!? Debbie

?I’m so sad that this course is over. I absolutely loved learning and practicing freestyle calligraphy, and I think that you did a great job teaching it. The course has been very helpful to me, as I am a beginner to this whole thing. I also loved the Facebook group; it really helped me out on finding supplies and seeing tips from other beginners.? Sophia