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If anyone is a Supermum it must be me, right… I mean, I have six kids, work, do ministry, study {sometimes}, do #allthethings, and have been called Supermum on numerous occasions. Let’s just not talk about the days I stay in my pyjamas all day, or wake up then pull a pillow over my head because it all seems too hard, or leave all the dirty dishes on the sink until the morning {again}.  Let’s not talk about the fact that I don’t always choose joy, I don’t always speak kindness, I certainly don’t always show demonstrate self control and I’m not always the role model parent that I want to be for my kids. So I have a confession to make… I am *not* Supermum.

And can I tell you a secret {we’ll just pretend this isn’t the internet for a second ok?} I hate it. The Supermum thing. {sidenote : if you’re one of the people who’s called me Supermum I still love you, and I promise I don’t hold it against you, I probably don’t even remember that you did it} I hate the way us mums make it about all the ways we feel we’re inadequate, or the things we think we’re failing in, or that we don’t #haveitalltogether in. Because really, there is no having it all together. We’re all wildly inadequate but at the same time exactly what our children need and we’re all making mistakes and needing Jesus to give us grace in bigger doses than we ever thought possible.

So, sweet mama struggling with your one baby, when you see me out with my six {yes, sometimes I am silly enough to go out in public with them all} please don’t beat yourself up because I appear to #haveitalltogether and think that somehow that means you should be fine. Sweet one who just lost it with your little person, when you look at me and think I always seem so calm and that you should be that way too, please know you are only seeing a tiny window into my life {I really am not always calm, you have my permission to ask my kids}. The shoulds never serve us {trust me I’ve tried all of them}. Please know that I totally get it, and that you are so very much not alone.

It’s when we compare ourselves with others, when we focus on what we don’t have or don’t do {or at least think we don’t} that we pull away from each other, become isolated, and think we’re #notenough. And when that happens, we can’t connect… and then we all lose. Because it’s when we connect, when we build community and choose to build each other up rather than tear each other down that we find hope and belonging and we have opportunity to grow and become more like Jesus. So no more Supermum! Are you with me?! #nomoresupermum

PS. There are also no such things as magical house cleaning fairies although I desperately would love for there to be and if I am wrong and you find some would you please send them my way.

PPS. If it helps illustrate my point, baby#6 just sat on the floor eating someone’s shoe while I wrote this. #motheroftheyear #kidsneedmoredirt #yesiknowblogsdontneedhashtags



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