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I’m not a huge fan of Mother’s Day (#becausehonesty). I realise for some women it’s a lovely day, surrounded by family, reminded of how much they’re loved by their children, or an opportunity to show their own mother just how much she is loved. But for so many it’s much more complicated than that. For some it’s a reminder of years of struggling with infertility, of hands and hearts that long to hold a precious child of their own, dreams of motherhood that haven’t come true. For others it’s a stark reminder of fractured relationships, children who have distanced themselves, or a disapproving mother who is unapproachable. Sometimes it’s wrapped up in difficulties between husband and wife, with children too young to be involved and a husband who just doesn’t think it matters (we’ve been there, I get that).

For me, this year, it’s another reminder that my mum is no longer here, my days of making memories with her are over, no more opportunities to buy her gifts and tell her I love her, not more time for her to hug my children and tell them just how special they are to her. So every time I walk into the shops and see the pinkification that has taken place (because all mothers love pink… right?) I grieve a little.

I know many will be the same. And that even if it’s not you that’s struggling a little with mother’s day, maybe someone close to you is. During a time in our marriage where he was wrapped up in ministry work, believing that Mother’s Day really didn’t matter, he wasn’t into commercial celebrations, and our children were too small to initiate anything on their own I had a few beautiful friends who took the time to show love to me on Mother’s Day. He has changed much since then, I have learnt to communicate better, and our children are older so they all ask me for money to spend at the school Mother’s Day stall and then scheme amongst themselves to make sure they don’t double up on gifts (so cute), and this year I realise I am so blessed by my beautiful family, my own opportunity to redeem Mother’s Day by letting them bless me and cherishing time with them. But can I encourage you to prayerfully seek out someone in your world who could use some encouragement this year?

TGP_LetYourLightShine-01So I want to shine a little light… to help each of us redeem mother’s day. Because, beautiful one, whether or not you have children close to you who will give you gifts and spend time with you, or whether your dreams of motherhood are yet unfulfilled, or your own mother isn’t here anymore, or whatever else mother’s day looks like for you this year, you are still so very precious and treasured and loved by God. I’ve made a printable, that normally I would list in the store for sale, but this year I just want to give it to you. All you need to do is join our email list (I promise I will never spam you, spam is gross) and I will send you a download link. You can download and print it for yourself, your mum, your daughter, a treasured friend who needs a reminder to shine bright, or even just the mum you see at school who your heart knows needs a little encouragement.

Liss x

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