Composition + Mixing Styles


This month’s video is a little longer than usual, I’ve tried to explain the thinking behind things as I go, and we’re also working on a longer piece than usual. Hopefully that’s helpful to you!

I haven’t made any new brushes for this project, because I like making the most of the ones I have, but you can re-download the custom brushes I’ve used in this video below if you haven’t already downloaded them.

I want you to choose your own colour palette for this project. I’ll show you how in the video, but if you need some inspo, head here :

If you want to read some more about balance as a design principle (or any other design principles), I think this article is great :

Below the video, you’ll see a few alternative layouts – there are always multiple ways to put any particular piece together, don’t be afraid to experiment!

Also, early in the video I’ve said “add each letter to a new layer? – I meant word, not letter.