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Our bonus project for this month is a bounce challenge. I want you to choose a short-ish phrase (let?s aim for at least 5 words, but if you?re just getting started, even fitting together 2-3 words is a good start!) and letter it. I?ve provided some examples below – and included the Procreate files so you can download and trace over one of those if you want a starting point, or even drop the opacity on my layer and then add your own version on a new layer on top.

Tap/click on any of the images below to download the corresponding Procreate file.

There?s also a new brush for you – LL Fade, the brush used for the ?but what if you fly?? quote below. Once you?ve had a go, I?d love to see what you?ve done – you can upload to the FB group, or just email it directly to me.

Let?s bounce!