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The Shitshow Thrivers Club

USD$200.00 / month for 6 months

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The world feels like a lot right now doesn?t it? Bit of a shitshow all around really.

And if you?re an artist or a creative of some sort, it?s possible that many of your usual income streams have dried up overnight.

Looking around, seeing lots of incredible humans trying to find new ways of doing business, I felt called to create some sort of offering to guide those looking to move online, or add new ways of doing things online to their existing offerings… Given that?s literally what I?ve been doing for the last six years or so.

In fact, one of my superpowers is seeing possibilities and breaking them down into practical strategies to be implemented.

I also built my business around my marriage of 15 years ending, while parenting six small humans, one of whom had major surgery in the first year of his life… And even now, a few years later, where that some of that dust has settled, I still work from home, single parenting (now with three teenagers who cause all kinds of angst)… you could say I’ve been preparing for this kind of messy uncertain shitshow for a while.

I would love to do this work for free, because oh my goodness I feel passionately about it. But I also have myself and six small humans to feed, clothe, and generally provide for. I have, however, tried to structure and price this offering in such a way that it?s more accessible than maybe it normally would be. Because transparency in business is important to me.

Other things that are important to me are not assuming that there is one right way to do things, you?ll never get prescriptive input from me, I?ll work with you to understand how you work best and uncover solutions that are aligned and possible for you to implement (not necessarily easy, but let?s stop assuming everyone approaches an online business with the same skillset yeah?).

I?m about the path of least resistance, about being willing to experiment and try things out rather than predict the future right from the start, and I?m about working with what you?ve got. I?m not about making promises that everything will unfold a certain way if you just follow ?The Program?, and I definitely not about telling you what to do in general – I honestly think most of us know what we want to do, we need support, sometimes emotional, sometimes practical, and guidance to keep moving forward. I love problem solving, stepping back to see the bigger picture then breaking it down into achievable pieces, holding space for people to move through things in their own time frames, and embracing the sometimes messy shitshow that doing business online inevitably is at times.

If that feels like a space you?d like to step into, here?s the plan.

This is a six month commitment. Each month you can schedule 1 x 60 minute Zoom call with me. We can cover whatever you need to in that time. Practical stuff – running Facebook ads, online course platforms, writing copy, sales pages, offerings… or the other stuff that has you tied up in knots and not moving forward.

On top of that, you have access to me on Voxer for the full six months – you can leave me voice messages or just text, you can ask me things there, or make notes before our next Zoom call.

You don?t need to be a lettery person to work with me in this capacity, I?ve worked with a range of artists, creatives, and people teaching some form of social media, or business strategy over the last few years – I?m here for all of that.

If you’ve got any questions, please reach out. Otherwise, if you feel like this is a good fit for where you’re at right now, jump in, let’s get going!