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Lettering for iPad : Simple & Sassy : MegaBundle


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This bundle includes everything you need to go from picking up your iPad, to lettering like a pro (well, lettering like me!):

Lettering for iPad : Simple & Sassy (Valued at $249)

Lettering on your iPad using Procreate and an Apple Pencil gives you freedom to create styles that otherwise would require extensive art supplies, lots of space, and years of learning how to work with each medium. Early on in my lettering journey, I would travel with paper, notebooks, and a giant bag of pens ? because I wanted the flexibility of being able to work in different styles for different pieces. Now, it?s just me, my iPad and my trusty Apple Pencil! This course will cover everything you need to know from the moment you download Procreate, to exporting amazing art to share with the world.

Read more about the course contents here.

iPad Lettering Practice Sheets (Valued at $29)

This set has a collection of worksheets taken from my Brush Calligraphy Workbook and Bounce Lettering Workbooks and is suitable for use on an iPad running the Procreate app. You will need a pressure sensitive stylus (eg. an Apple Pencil) in order for the brush to work to it?s full effect. The Apple Pencil is only compatible with the iPad Pro.

What?s included:

  • my favourite Procreate brush for you to use
  • 45 worksheets for importing into Procreate on your iPad Pro including
    • 6 drills
    • numbers 0-9
    • letters A-Z in both upper and lowercase
    • some short phrases for you to practice
    • bounce lettering guides and practice pages
    • blank guides for your own practice
  • instructions on how to import the worksheets and brush into Procreate
  • a resource video explaining in greater details the process behind bounce lettering.

Unicorn Brush Set (Valued at $15)

This brush set includes three custom Procreate brushes and two Procreate colour palettes.

The brushes included are my original ?lissletters? brush ? the one you see me using most of the time ? as well as a new streaky brush that operates in a similar way but with a bit of texture added. It also includes my new Unicorn brush, a fun way to add that lovely smooshy, blended multicolour effect to your lettering.

As an added bonus, I?ve included two of my favourite colour palettes ? Rainbow Unicorn Sparkle Farts (named by my eldest daughter and voted YES by my Insta-story watchers!) and Cherry Blossom (all my favourite pinks and teals).

The files are delivered in a zipped up bundle, I recommend either downloading to your computer then transferring to your iPad via AirDrop or your favourite cloud storage solution (Dropbox/Google Drive etc), or using an app like File Explorer to unzip the file directly on your iPad. From there, open them in Procreate and it will pop them where they need to go.

Lettery Reference Library (Valued at $39)

We all have letters we despise a little more than others. Letters that, no matter how many times we try we just can?t seem to get looking the way we want them to. This purchase is your handy guide to overcoming that.

You?ll get access to a library of videos that you can watch, and watch, and watch, and watch, and then practice, and practice, and (you get the point) until it just clicks for you.

I?ve created a video for each letter of the alphabet. Individually ? no having to rewind some super long video 500 times, just keep hitting play when you get to the end of it!

For each letter I?ve demonstrated both upper and lower case letters (unless they?re basically the same ? like ?c?) and have showed you how I use the four main tools that I recommend you trying:

  • a size 2 Round White Taklon Jasart Brush,
  • a size 3 Winsor & Newton Cotman 111 Round Brush,
  • a Pentel Touch Sign Pen
  • and a Small/Fine Pentel Aquash.

Also included is a bonus video explaining how to connect letters that will help you move forward in your lettery journey.

iPad to Vector (Valued at $39)

One of the things Procreate doesn?t do is allow you to create vectors of your lettering. Instead, what Procreate produces are?raster images ??images made up from a grid of pixels. Most of the images you see on the web fall into this category ? common file types for raster images are JPEG, GIF and PNG. The limitation of working with raster images is that because they are composed of a fixed number of pixels they can only be enlarged to a certain extent before becoming grainy or pixelated.

Vector images, however, are made up of points and paths, with common file types being EPS and AI. Anything that is likely to need resizing, such as a logo, should be created as a vector.

This mini-course covers the steps necessary to move into Illustrator and create vectors as well as help you understand when this type of process is necessary.