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iPad Lettering Bundle




If you’re looking for my complete iPad Course,¬†Lettering for iPad : Simple & Sassy, you can find that here. The full course covers everything you need to know about lettering with an iPad, using Procreate and an Apple Pencil.

This bundle has a collection of worksheets taken from my Brush Calligraphy Workbook and Bounce Lettering Workbooks and is suitable for use on an iPad running the Procreate app. You will need a pressure sensitive stylus (eg. an Apple Pencil) in order for the brush to work to it’s full effect. The Apple Pencil is only compatible with the iPad Pro.

What’s included:

  • my favourite Procreate brush for you to use
  • 45 worksheets for importing into Procreate on your iPad Pro including
    • 6 drills
    • numbers 0-9
    • letters A-Z in both upper and lowercase
    • some short phrases for you to practice
    • bounce lettering guides and practice pages
    • blank guides for your own practice
  • instructions on how to import the worksheets and brush into Procreate
  • a resource video explaining in greater details the process behind bounce lettering.

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