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Inspired Brush & Colour Set


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This brush set includes three custom Procreate brushes and ten Procreate colour palettes.

The brushes included are my original “lissletters” brush – the one you see me using most of the time – as well as two modified versions of the same brush. One adds a whole world of drama to your lettering – thicker down strokes, thinner up strokes – also allowing you to work on a larger canvas and still see lots of variation, and the other adds texture and fade to create a whole new look.

Where this set shines though, is the colour palettes included. Ten! I don?t know about you, but sometimes I find myself stuck for inspiration, or just using the same colours over and over again (and yes, I get a little grief from people on Insta for doing that ? hey, I know which colours I love, don?t knock it!).

But if you?re looking to mix it up a little, try some new combinations, or find some inspiration for a new piece, this pack is the answer. Ten colour palettes ? some cool, some warm, some brights, and a little chill pastel mixed in there too.

The files are delivered in a zipped up bundle, I recommend either downloading to your computer then transferring to your iPad via AirDrop or your favourite cloud storage solution (Dropbox/Google Drive etc), or using an app like File Explorer to unzip the file directly on your iPad. From there, open them in Procreate and it will pop them where they need to go.