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42 Days to Launch




This program, a mix of group coaching and online course, is designed to help you take your lettery business idea from dream to reality in six weeks.

Because the world needs more art.

And you, my lovely friend, make beautiful art.

I’m not promising six figure incomes in less than six months, or thousands of Instagram followers by the end of the week (and honestly, anyone who promises that sort of thing is full of shit). But I do know that I can help you go from concept to reality if you’re ready to show up and do the work. (And if you don’t even have the concept yet, but you have a burning desire, I’ll help you uncover that and make steps towards bringing whatever you have to offer the world out into the light.)

Because you know all those things you think you have to do to start a business? I guarantee you most of it is bullshit.

It’s so easy to get hung up on the way we think everyone else is doing things, the shiny glossy systems and smooth marketing we see on Instagram. But making an income from your art doesn’t have to involve total overwhelm. It doesn’t have to start with a fancy website that you don’t know what the fuck to put on anyway. You don’t have to choose the hardest path to success.

As part of this program I’ll be giving you access to part of my online courses Creative Mindset Bootcamp, and Lettery Business, as well as providing hands-on coaching in our very own Facebook Group.

I’m making a commitment to you to show up daily for six weeks, to help you clarify where you’re stuck, give you practical solutions to moving forward, and cheering you on (because, let’s face it, we all need a cheer squad when we’re doing big brave things like sharing our art with the world!).

Now, it’s your turn – are you willing to make a commitment to yourself? To showing up bravely, or at least brave-ish-ly for six weeks to finally get this thing moving?!

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