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Liss x

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Want to become an iPad Lettering pro?

Clarity is the leading online community to help you take your iPad lettering from meh to magnificent in record time.


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Join me for a monthly class where I break down all of those beautiful styles you love into easy-to-follow steps.

You'll be creating spectacular letters in no time!

Each month, Clarity members receive a new lesson walking them step-by-step through how to create a specific style of lettering.

All of the custom brushes, colours, and other resources used in the project are included for download.

Joining today will give you instant access to an entire library of high-quality custom Procreate brushes.


As well as worksheets, lessons, and cheat sheets to help you learn:

On top of that, there's new content being added every month.


Each new month means a new project added to the Clarity library. These projects are designed to teach you a range of techniques in a way that actually sticks and makes sense. They’ll also give you a huge confidence boost as you create something incredible faster than you ever though possible.


High quality custom Procreate brushes that have been created with lettering in mind, as well as a bunch of deliciously textured brushes to create gorgeous backgrounds and effects.


I get it, sometimes even just choosing colours can feel like a lot. Each month, I’ll provide you with the exact colour palette I’ve used.


The Clarity resource library includes a number of core videos that take you through the basics of Procreate as it applies to lettering, as well as basic lettering styles and techniques.


Let’s be honest, lettering is even more fun when you can geek out with other lettery people. We have a member’s only Facebook group for just that purpose. Connect, share, and get encouragement and feedback.


I regularly jump on live in our member only Facebook group to answer questions, give extra tips, and share new things I’ve been learning so that you can learn them too.

Hi! I'm Liss.

I'll be your lettery teacher.

I’ve been lettering since 2014, having worked as a graphic designer for years before that. I’m also a single mum to six incredible humans (aged 6-16), so I know a bit about getting shit done on a limited time budget and keeping things simple because life already has enough crazy going on.

I launched Clarity in 2018 to provide ongoing learning and inspiration opportunities for those wanting to learn with me. As someone who comes from a family of artists going back generations, I believe so much in the value of creativity in our lives. Having spaces to explore our creativity, to connect with other artists, and to build a regular creative practice impacts so many other parts of our lives. That's what I want for you as a Clarity member.

I can't wait to see what you create.

Liss x

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Join today for US$1 for 7 days.

Your membership will renew at the end of the 7th day unless you cancel it before then.



Choose the option that best suits you.

You can up/downgrade at any time (no refunds are given for parts of a month)


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to join?

You need an iPad Pro or the most recent (6th Generation, 2018) 9.7" iPad.

Procreate will work on any iPad, and there are workarounds for other devices, but you will get the best results from this program with an Apple Pencil - which is compatible with any generation iPad Pro, and the 6th Generation (2018) 9.7" iPad.

You also need to have Procreate installed on your iPad. You can find Procreate here :

Yeah, but I have an older iPad? Can't I use that?

Ok, you probably can, but I want you to know that some of the features in Procreate work best when using an Apple Pencil. I would hate for you to sign up and then feel disappointed about not being able to make it all work. You can use a different stylus, but you'll need to make sure you get one that is pressure sensitive.

Do I get access to old content when I join?

Yep! If you join today, you get access to all of content from previous months.

How will I access the content?

Monthly content will be delivered via a members only section on this website, which you will have access to for as long as your membership is active.

Can I download any of it?

Worksheets, brushes and palettes are all downloadable for you to save to your device. Video lessons can only be viewed from within the member portal while you have an active membership.

Will the membership price go up?

Your membership price will never increase as long as it remains active.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time with the click of a button in the members area. None of that 'having to email someone and potentially deal with the weirdness of having to explain why you're cancelling' (been there? or just me...). No refunds are given for parts of months, but you won't be charged for any future months.