Whether you’ve just started lettering, or have been at it for a while now, there comes a point where “googling all the things” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

I know, I’ve been there.

You’re tearing your hair out because you’re sure it’s possible to do that thing you’ve been working at for 36 hours straight – you’ve seen others do it – but you just can’t work out how, or even where to start.

Or you’ve opened Illustrator 10 times and closed it again straight away because overwhelmed.

Or you’ve spent 20 hours trawling Instagram comments hoping that someone will say what the name of that pen is, or what paper they’re using.

Paper to Pro VIP Community is the answer!

It’s a community built just for you.

A community of creatives who are passionate about creating beautiful letters and sharing them with the world.

A place where you can share what you’re working on, what you’re struggling with and know that others will totally get you.

A place you can find inspiration for your lettering, and develop confidence in your own style.

Most of all, it’s a place where you’ll find the education, feedback, encouragement and support you need to start lettering, or to take your lettering to the next level – to letter like a pro.

What do I get when I sign up for the Paper to Pro VIP Community?

Monthly mini-courses

Each month I’ll release a new video based course to help you take your lettering to the next level. We’ll be covering all the important fundamentals as well as the things you need to know to get your lettering from paper to digital, through to video essentials and all the hot tips for Instagram and other social media platforms.

2 x weekly “Stop, drop and letter” live community lettering sessions

If you’ve struggled to find the time to letter during the craziness of your week, then this is for you. Each week we’ll have designated times to practice or work on our current works in progress – together. I’ll be on Facebook Live in our private Facebook Group and we can chat and share what we’re working on.

Resource Library

The resource library is already stocked and ready to go with individual videos of each letter of the alphabet using multiple brush and pen styles as well as videos covering some of the essentials for lettering. You’ll have access to these for as long as your subscription to the VIP community is active to watch (and pause, rewind and watch again) as many times as you need.

Monthly projects and feedback

So many of you have said that you’d love to have scheduled tasks to work on, so I’m thrilled to be including this in the VIP community. Each month I’ll set a project for you to complete, with whatever tools you have available to you, and then give you an opportunity to submit it for feedback from me as well as to share with the rest of the community to encourage and support each other.

100% Transparency

I’m here to help you, there will be no secrets and nothing off-limits (lettering related that is!). Learning to letter has given me opportunities that I never even knew were possible, and I count it a privilege to share that journey with you. I’ll share with you everything I have learned. This community will be the only place that you’ll be able to have such exclusive access to me and benefit from the many, many hours I spent working out how to get where I am today.


I’ll be sharing with you all the inside goss on where I find creative inspiration, how I manage my time as a busy mum and business owner and what I do when I’m totally unmotivated. As well as that, I’ll be doing interviews with other incredible letterers who I’m positive will encourage you on your own lettering journey.

How does it work?

As soon as you subscribe you’ll receive immediate access to the Resource Library and an opportunity to request to join the private Facebook Group that has been setup for the Paper to Pro VIP Community. Then over the next couple of days you’ll receive this month’s project as well as the mini-course for this month (I don’t want to totally overwhelm you straight away!).

Moving forward, for each month that your membership is active you’ll then receive a new mini-course on the 1st of the month, and a project for the month on the 5th of the month. You’ll be able to submit your project via the website for me to provide feedback for you, and/or post it in the Facebook Group to share with others.

I’ll email you each time new content is added to the website, whether that’s a mini-course or an interview, or just some inspiration for your week.

You can cancel your membership at any time, however no refunds will be given for the remainder of the time left on your membership if you have paid in advance. Your membership will automatically renew at the end of each billing cycle, however you can cancel at any time via your dashboard once you are logged into the website.

What is included in the resource section? (So far!)

Immediately on joining you get access to the following resources that have already been included in the resource library. More will be added each month!

12 pages of downloadable, printable worksheets with 3 full alphabets + numbers 0-9, sized for both a small brush pen or a paintbrush with ink/watercolour.

1 video for each letter of the alphabet – including lower and upper case options and variations based on tools I most often recommend for those beginning lettering.

6 videos showing variations on a full alphabet using brush, pen, and various ink/paints.

1 x 7 minute video giving a detailed look at how to connect letters to form words.

What is the first mini-course topic?

Lettering Longer Phrases

This month we’ll be exploring some of the unique challenges that come with lettering longer phrases and portions of text. I have lots of people share with me that they’ve begun to feel comfortable putting letters into words, but that words into sentences (or beyond!) is still really tricky! So to begin our series of monthly mini-courses we’ll be spending this month working on creating well-balanced, readable art with longer pieces of text. I’ll share with you all my tips and tricks for making it work, and explain my workflow when it comes to doing long pieces (that are painful to re-write if you get the last word wrong!). Each mini-course will be video-based so that you can come back and re-watch it as you need to.

How do I know this is a good fit for me?

This community is for people who want to learn things like:

  • Brush pen calligraphy basics.
  • Watercolour calligraphy basics.
  • Other effects such as gradients, embossing, masking fluid.
  • Finding your own style.
  • Composition.
  • Being confident sharing your art.
  • Digitising artwork.
  • Digital lettering – for both iPad and Android
  • Illustrator for lettering.
  • Photoshop for lettering.
  • Procreate for lettering.
  • Preparing art for reproduction and sale.
  • Using mockups.
  • Social media tips.
  • Large-scale lettering.
  • Live lettering.
  • Videoing your lettering.

It’s not for you if you’re looking for help with:

  • Traditional calligraphy styles.
  • Working with a pointed pen.
  • The business/accounting side of lettering (it varies way too much internationally!).
  • Specific platforms for selling your art.

Want to know what others are saying?

Of course you do, you want to be sure this is going to be great. Only I can’t tell you what others are saying (yet!) because this thing is brand spanking new! What I can tell you though is what people have said about my Freestyle Calligraphy course, which at least lets you know what I’m like at teaching online (because I know that can be scary sometimes, thinking that someone can teach art online – but it’s totally awesome!)

I cannot believe the progress I have made. I found the content to be a perfect length and so helpful to be able to go back over it.

Thanks so much for offering this class. I was hesitant to spend the money at first as I feel like I had a decent grasp of the principles of lettering, just hadn’t really given it the time I needed to. I had also done other online classes in the past that were more or less mediocre. But I am SO GLAD I decided to give it a go.

Thank you so much for doing this online course, I have absolutely loved it! I think your videos were amazing, and you were always very descriptive when talking about what you were doing. I thought it was great! The Facebook group was one of the greatest things about it, it’s so great to see all the people around the world who love the same thing. And they were all so friendly and supportive! Your class has really made an improvement for me! Not only in my lettering style but it’s helped me let myself be more creative with less judgement on myself.

I loved that the videos were short and quick so I had a chance to watch them and could practice when I could, that I found myself practicing on random things like shopping lists and work notes, while I was on the phone etc. The course gave me the confidence to be always practicing because I loved it so much.

What a treat it was to do this course with you, Liss! Thank you so much!

How much does it cost?

I want you to know that I’ve heard you, each one who’s told me how much they want to letter, but they’re doing it as a hobby, or as a night-time passion alongside their full-time job. I get how hard it is to manage all of that as well as find time and money to learn and improve so that you can make an income from what you love.

The founding memberships for the VIP Community are less than US$1 a day. I’m pretty sure I spend three times that on coffee most days (oops). As well as that, you can get two months free if you pay annually.

Once you’re a member those prices are locked in for as long as your membership stays active. If you cancel and re-subscribe then you’ll be paying whatever the price is at the time of re-subscribing (trust me, the price wont be staying this low).

Monthly Membership

No lock-in term, cancel anytime.

USD$29.00 Read more

Annual Membership

2 months free.

USD$290.00 Read more


Is this the same content as Freestyle Calligraphy?
No. The Resource Library will contain some of the content from Freestyle Calligraphy, and more of that existing content may be added to the community over the coming months, but the mini-courses released to the Paper to Pro VIP Community will be new content.

What kind of mini-courses will you be running?
So far I have planned to release a mini course on the following topics, however topics may change based on community demand over the course of the next twelve months : digitizing in detail, the ins and outs of using procreate, digital lettering for android, navigating illustrator for lettering, creating print-ready products, working with mockups, step-by-step workflow, preparing letters for print, watercolour lettering, videoing your lettering.

Do I have to be on Facebook?
No, the Facebook community is incredibly valuable but I realise that not everyone is, or wants to be, on Facebook. You’ll still have access to all of the content that will be availble on the website.

Do you offer refunds?
You can cancel a membership at any time and you wont be billed for the following billing cycle, however no refunds are available for the remaining portion of a membership at the time of cancellation.

I want to buy a membership for someone, is that possible?
Yep, there’s a “this is a gift” option at the checkout, you just need to know their email address.

Are you ready to join?

Monthly Membership

No lock-in term, cancel anytime.

USD$29.00 Read more

Annual Membership

2 months free.

USD$290.00 Read more

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