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Introduction to Brush Calligraphy

In the first video in this series I’ll chat about the differences between some of the brush pens available and which ones I recommend as you get started. If you don’t have a pen yet, don’t stress, you don’t need one just yet.

If you need some help finding a pen, click here to see some of the places I know you can get them.

Now let’s talk about how to hold a pen. This might seem a bit silly if you’re totally happy with how you currently hold a pen, but I know for a lot of people they feel concerned that they’re not doing it “the right way”. If you’re still trying to find a brush pen to start using, just grab any old pen or pencil today and practice your pen grip if it’s new for you.

Now it’s time to get lettering! In this video?we’ll cover basic strokes, they’re the foundation of all of the letters and numbers we’ll go on to create.

I’ve also created some worksheets for you to use as you start your practice.

If you can’t print out the worksheets, just pop them up on the screen as a reminder and use blank paper. At this stage any paper will do, practice is they key! The worksheets are just there to be helpful if you find having a printed copy useful to you.

Download the worksheets from the resource library here.

How did you go with your basic strokes? Now it’s time to put them?together and start making some beautiful letters! In this video I’ll go through each letter of the alphabet and explain anything particularly tricky about it. If a particular letter is sticky for you just pause the video and re-watch the bits you need, or head over to the resource library to watch the video there for that particular letter.

In this final video I’ll go through each number individually so that you can see how they’re formed.

Now it’s your turn – get practicing!

And remember, embrace imperfection, it’s where the beauty lies.