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We sing a lot in this house. A lot. Some of us even sing quietly to ourselves most of the time to try and drown out some of the other crazy noise that is going on (yeah ok, that’s me, but it’s not only me, I’ve noticed that at least two children do it now too!). Because of that, it’s not uncommon for us to include some family worship singing in our weekly activities. But even if your family isn’t particularly musical, with the aid of modern technology you too can have a spontaneous family worship singing session!

YouTube is your friend.

This has been a favourite of our kids for a while, happening mostly on a teeny weeny iPhone screen, tho now that our TV has a YouTube app we view on there instead.

Search for your favourite worship songs, the ones they’re singing at kids church, or even some old ones you haven’t heard in a while. But make sure you find one with the lyrics – lots of years doing music ministry means I know I’m not the only one who usually only remembers the first verse of a song!  (It does though come with the added bonus that the lyrics on-screen helps kids with their reading!)

Our favourite song at the moment (and by moment I mean the last 2 years since Mr 4-year-old became obsessed with this song) is 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman, otherwise known in this house as “bless my Lord oh my sore” (thanks to Mr 4).

Once you’ve found a song or two, why not mix it up a little – have the girls in the family sing one verse and the boys the next, or let someone start with a solo then bring in the rest of the “choir” at the verse. Songs with repetitive choruses are great if you have little people in the house, and the more you sing some of the ‘usual’ church songs at home the more they’ll enjoy hearing them at church because they’ll be familiar and can sing along.

But most of all, enjoy time worshipping the Lord together as a family. It doesn’t have to sound perfect, it’s beautiful regardless!

be blessed!

Liss x




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