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I don’t like messes. Or even things that might get messy. Paint, play dough, cooking with children… #bestmotherever right? The husband however, none of these things bother him. Thankfully, he pushes me out of my comfort zone every now and then (sidenote: I do the same to him, it’s just that that looks more like me pushing him to actually plan things and think about safety… we totally balance each other out) so this tip comes straight from him. Super fun, but… possibly messy… just a little bit.

Using whatever modelling clay/playdough type substance you have available, get your kids to create the different parts of a bible story as you read it. Assign each little person a part of the story to build as you read. Or, if there isn’t an entire swarm of little people at your house, get them to build the whole story, as they imagine it, while you read. Not only does it keep little hands busy, it creates lots of great opportunities to talk in more detail about the story based on what they produce.

Tonight we read a mish-mash of events from Exodus out of the Bible storybook we have, so one child was tasked with creating Moses, one the rocky ground and staff, another the giant bunch of grapes bought back from the promised land and the smallest a whole heap of scary poisonous snakes!  The picture above is the result, super fun (and super cute!).

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