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Our house is rarely quiet, or lacking in drama… and somewhere along the line, the husband decided to channel some of this “creative” energy into our family devotion times.

Here’s how it works:

1. Find an open space to act as your stage. 
We all sit around in the lounge room with the ‘performance’ happening in a clear space between us and our kitchen.

2. Choose a bible story.
It helps if you choose one with a bit of action and multiple people involved.

3. Find yourself a narrator.
In our house mummy or daddy will read or nominate someone else who can read with expression.

4. As the narrator reads through the story, each time a new character enters the story someone jumps up, takes on that role and begins to act out what’s happening.
Sometimes that means people are taking on the roles of more than one person in a given story… it’s pretty funny when one child is both the donkey and the one riding it 🙂


The kids love being active participants in the story and it really helps them to think through a little more what the characters involved were actually doing and going through. It’s something they regularly ask to do and is a highlight of our family devotion times.




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