If you’ve never heard of sketchnoting you should totally check it out. So fun. But basically it’s all about using drawings, text, diagrams and other little ‘sketchy’ things to create a visual representation of information you’re taking in – a sermon, a story, a lecture etc. One very cool thing about sketchnoting is that it’s not about creating perfect looking art, or even great art… it’s all about creating a visual story – so it’s a great way to engage people both little and small, anyone can do it!

I’ve enjoyed sketching a few sermons at church recently, on those amazing occasions when I get to listen to an entire sermon!* I’ve even included some of them here so you can see just how not-perfect they can be! (I do know that’s not a word, it’s ok, imperfect just didn’t really cut it.)


We have one bigger child who usually stays in the church service the whole way through with us, and just recently he’s started sketching a little as we listen. This weekend just gone he used the husband’s Galaxy Note (it has a stylus that actually draws pretty nicely!).

So if you’re looking for something to help keep your kids, teens, or other adults engaged while you read through a bible story or a passage of scripture, crack out the pens/pencils and some paper and get them drawing. And remember… it doesn’t have to be perfect 😉

Liss x


Read more about sketchnoting:


*the husband is actually really great at sharing the baby-wrangling responsibilities with me at church!


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