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So this is my catch-up post because certain people have reminded me that I’ve missed two days 🙂

I was talking to a lovely friend of mine the other day and she told me about an ‘organic faith’ moment that has been happening in their house. I loved it so much I wanted to share!

In their home they have a whiteboard mounted in a public space that is usually used for things like lists of groceries, jobs that need to be done, general reminders (boring stuff). But somewhere along the way they’ve also started using it to draw pictures and leave sweet messages for one another, to create a space for building one another up within their home. But as well as that, my sweet friend decided to seize the ‘organic faith’ moment and start putting some questions on the board that would encourage her kids to engage with the things of God.

When I walked past it last week it read “What does the bible say about wearing jewellery?” and underneath some fantastic answers from her kids who had taken the time to dig into their bibles to uncover God’s answer to the question. Sometimes the questions are just super simple things (think “What are some animals that are found in the bible?” after they had been drawing animals on the board all week) while others require a little more thought. But underneath it all, the emphasis is on encouraging kids to explore their Bibles, to think through where and how they would find an answer. So important!

This kind of thing will be trickier if your kids are younger, but such a great idea as they grow to encourage them in their faith!

be blessed
Liss x


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