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Sometimes the hardest thing about teaching our children about God’s truths is creating space for it amidst the crazy of life. For us one of the times we really enjoy as a family {except Ezra, for some reason that particular child thinks this is a total bore and can he please just go to bed now…} is what we affectionately call “tea time”.

Tea time is a little post-dinner ritual* where each person has a small job to do to help prepare a space for us to sit together as a family, wind down from our day and open the Bible together. It started because one child in particular was having a hard time winding down and getting to sleep so I thought I’d try a nice sleepy-time herbal tea with him… but of course it’s not possible to give only one child a cup of tea in our house, they have all inherited {or been taught} Grandma’s love of tea!

So it plays out a little like this:
Bri : puts on some quiet worship music.
El: helps me gather tea cups and the tea pot and usually asks if she can pour the tea {the answer is usually no, pouring is my job!}.
MJ: is on light duty, turning off any lights we don’t need on, creating a general mood of rest.
Ez: gets the Bible or Bible story book we are currently reading through.
Ash: wanders around 🙂
I boil the kettle and prepare the tea. Most often when we did this daddy was on late shifts, but if he was around he would just generally help out.

Then we sit, we exhale, I pour tea and stir in a little honey. We sip, we read, we reflect and we pray. It is good. Sometimes we just need to create space.

* I have a strong negative reaction to the word ritual… It seems to tie so strongly to the empty, repetitive processes that all too often occur in toxic religion, performing just for the sake of earning religious points or just “doing the right thing”… but ritual, when it comes in the form of patterns and rhythms that we follow to help us build things that we want in our life can be good.



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