This time of year can be all kinds of crazy. We find ourselves running from one activity to the next, scrambling to get all the shopping done, meals prepared and the house cleaned. And somewhere in there our soul needs feeding too!

This year I’ve brought together a group of amazing Australian women who love Jesus to create a daily devotional series for the final 14 days of 2016 that will help you make space in your life for Jesus in the middle of what I think can be the busiest, and craziest time of year.

Sign up with your email address below to receive 14 daily devotionals straight to your inbox beginning Sunday 18th December. There will also be an ebook available to download on Sunday if you’d prefer to read that way, or to print it out.

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As an added bonus, I’ll also be sending out four free prints over the space of the two weeks to compliment the devotional and give you ways to surround yourself with visual reminders of the things we are reading together.

I am confident you will be abundantly blessed by the life-giving words these women have written.

ps. I would love for you to share this page with your friends using the buttons below if you feel they would be blessed by it too.

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