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Glitter + Photos

This tutorial covers how to create lettering that interacts with elements on a photo, and also how to add glitter to your lettering using masks. This is a super fun effect that you can use in so many different ways – your imagination is the only limit!

My favourite source for photos for lettering like this is Unsplash. There are even a couple of collections specifically aimed at adding lettering to photos here and here.

Glitter images can be found for free online if you search around enough, but lots of great, low cost options can also be found at Creative Market.

The Procreate brush I’m using in this tutorial is my Lissletters Original Brush.

Rainbows + Shadows

In this tutorial we’re going to cover one of the ways you can create rainbow painted letters, as well as give you an overview of the steps involved in adding shadows within your letters.

Shadows like this are such a fun way to create a 3D lettering style.

Interlaced Letters

Procreate makes interlacing your letters so incredibly simple. There are a few ways to achieve this effect, this is my favourite. Today we will also cover another way to create rainbow style letters.

Dramatic Drop Shadows

This tutorial is all about creating some fun-coloured, super-dramatic drop shadows.