Learning how to letter on your iPad doesn’t have to be complicated, and it definitely doesn’t have to be boring. Let me show you how!

“Liss’s course is a must for anyone who is interested in hand lettering and doing so in Procreate on the iPad. TBH, I didn’t take this course so much for the lettering style instruction as I did for the technical bits of how to create my lettering on my iPad. The realtime instruction of how and why things are done technically in Procreate has given me everything I need to navigate my way toward making my own lettering designs/content. The bonus for me is all of the lettering resources and content that Liss so generously provides to her students. I highly recommend this course and will rewatch the tutorials many times as I continue to practice and learn.” ~ Shannon

I have been obsessed with letters, and making them beautiful, for a very long time, collecting fonts instead of shoes, and making typographic posters for fun in my spare time.

In 2014 I started hand-lettering, first with a brush and ink, then investing in an extensive collection of brush pens #buyallthepens. Over time I found my groove, which inks I loved, and which I would only use under duress, which pens travelled everywhere with me, and which only got pulled out occasionally.

Then in early 2016, I bought an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil and downloaded Procreate.

I loved it, then hated it, and struggled to really get into it for a long time.

But I persisted, and now, I LOVE IT. (Not to the exclusion of my trusty brushes and pens, obviously, I still #buyallthepens, but as an amazing addition to my lettery toolkit.)

Can you do everything on an iPad? Nope. I still need Illustrator, Photoshop, brushes, pens, paper? (Ok, there?s also a heavy dose of ?I love those things, you would have to pry them out of my cold, dead hands? in there) but it gives me freedom to create on the fly, it speeds up many of my processes because I don?t have to wait for ink to dry to scan, or print and trace, or try and find a way to fit lettering onto an image ? I can do it all straight on the iPad and work between it and my computer as needed (and it is amazing for lettering at events or while travelling).

Now I want to be able to share all of that fun with you!

This course will cover everything you need to know from the moment you download Procreate, to exporting amazing art to share with the world.

“I tried to google some techniques for the iPad but I didn?t even know what to search for because I didn?t even know the terms! But Liss? iPad Lettering course gave me all I needed to get started, get inspired and get lettering! Thank you!” ~ Cindy

In week one, we’ll be covering all the basics of using Procreate for lettering. How to set up your canvas depending on your overall goals for the project and how to import worksheets and brushes to get you started on your way to creating some amazing iPad art.

Next up we’ll cover some more of the Procreate features that you’ll want to use in your lettering – layer styles and effects, grouping and masking layers. We’ll also go over the basics of lettering for those just starting out, how to make the most of your Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity and creating grids and guides.

Week three is where we’ll start getting into the really fun stuff. How to create rainbows and gradients on your letters, those fun paint effects, different types of shadows and how to create letters that are interlaced for that fun depth effect.

Week four is all about photo effects. How to letter on photos, particularly when you want your lettering to interact with elements in the photo. We’ll also cover how to add glitter and foil effects to your lettering.

Week five is all about exporting your work out of Procreate. How to create custom brushes to share with others, how to export your artwork to print and how to add your signature or other watermark for art you’re planning to share on social media.

Week six is a fun bonus module where we’ll talk all about how to create sketchnotes at live events. I’ll share with you all my tips and tricks for moving quickly, filling the spaces, and creating graphics that can be shared.

How does the course work?

The course content is delivered as videos and ebooks that are available on a member’s only section of the website. You will have lifetime access to the content so that you view it as many times as you need to. We also have a private, members-only Facebook where you an hang out with me as well as others doing the course, ask questions, share your progress, and join in on our regular live-streams.

“The most valuable part of this course for me was learning how to work thru procreate, but more so to find a way to get started lettering! You have helped me so much thru your videos each week! Thank you times a million! I could listen to you all day, you explain things so well and you’re funny!” ~ Tanya


On top of six weeks full of amazing content, joining Lettering for iPad will also give you access to the following bonuses.

Private, Members Only Facebook Group

(Valued at US$497)

You definitely don’t need a Facebook group to complete this course, it’s packed full of lettery goodness already. But having a supportive creative community is such a huge plus. We all have those days where we’d love input on the way we’re putting something together, or we’ve been looking around for a setting that we KNEW was there somewhere.

In this group you can:

  • ask questions about the course content.
  • connect with other creatives on their lettery journey, be inspired and encouraged by them.
  • share your progress as you work through the course.
  • discuss?very important things like cases and pencil covers with people who you know totally get it and won’t think spending five hours researching screen protectors is weird at all.
  • feel confident knowing you’ve found a tribe who understand the thrill of exploring your creativity mingled with the terror of sharing it with the world.

Foundations Workbook

(Valued at US$29)

This workbook has a collection of worksheets covering drills, letter formation (both lower and uppercase) and numbers.

Connections Workbook

(Valued at US$19)

This workbook has a collection of worksheets covering every single letter combination – even the ones you’re never going to use!

Common Workbook

(Valued at US$19)

This workbook has a collection of worksheets covering the 100 most commonly used words in the English language, with 2-3 variations per word.

Bounce Workbook

(Valued at US$19)

This workbook has everything you need to know to get your lettering bouncing!

iPad to Vector

(Valued at US$39)

One of the things Procreate doesn’t do is allow you to create vectors of your lettering. Instead, what Procreate produces are?raster images ??images made up from a grid of pixels. Most of the images you see on the web fall into this category ? common file types for raster images are JPEG, GIF and PNG. The limitation of working with raster images is that because they are composed of a fixed number of pixels they can only be enlarged to a certain extent before becoming grainy or pixelated.

Vector images, however, are made up of points and paths, with common file types being EPS and AI. Anything that is likely to need resizing, such as a logo, should be created as a vector. So this bonus module will cover the steps necessary to move into Illustrator and create vectors as well as help you understand when this type of process is necessary.

Unicorn Procreate Brush Set

(Valued at US$15)

This brush set includes three custom Procreate brushes and two Procreate colour palettes.

The brushes included are my original ?lissletters? brush ? the one you see me using most of the time ? as well as a new streaky brush that operates in a similar way but with a bit of texture added. It also includes my new Unicorn brush, a fun way to add that lovely smooshy, blended multicolour effect to your lettering.

As an added bonus, I?ve included two of my favourite colour palettes ??Rainbow Unicorn Sparkle Farts?(named by my eldest daughter and voted YES by my Insta-story watchers!) and?Cherry Blossom?(all my favourite pinks and teals).

“I loved it! Tons of information. She really knows what she?s talking about!” ~ Jessica

Ready to sign up?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do this course?
Um, because it’s amazing? Of course!

Really though, you could spend hours trawling the internet for the answers to all your Procreate + Lettering questions, unsure how to even google what you’re trying to work out because the language is confusing and you’re not sure what that effect you saw used is even called, or what any of the brush settings even do… or you could jump into this course, let me break it down for you in easy to understand (and fun!) videos, worksheets and being able to email me all of your “not sure how to ask this” questions and gain the benefit of my 10+ years of design experience.

Do I need an iPad Pro to do this course?
You need an iPad Pro or the most recent (6th Generation, 2018) 9.7″ iPad. Procreate will work on any iPad, and there are workarounds for other devices, but you will get the best results from this course with an Apple Pencil – which is compatible with any generation iPad Pro, and the 6th Generation (2018) 9.7″ iPad.

Yeah, but I have an older iPad? Can’t I use that?
Ok, you?probably?can, but I want you to know that some of the features in Procreate work best when using an Apple Pencil. I would hate for you to sign up and then feel disappointed about not being able to make it all work. You can use a different stylus, but you’ll need to make sure you get one that is pressure sensitive.

Can I do this course if I?m a beginner?
Yep. We?ll cover basic script lettering, and how to create letterforms as well as all the things you need to learn about using Procreate to letter. I am including the contents of my iPad lettering bundle as a bonus in this course so that you have a bunch of worksheets to practice if you’re just starting out. And we also have a bunch of videos explaining, in simple terms, how to best use Procreate for lettering projects.

Ok, I’m not a beginner, is there any point in me doing this course?
Yep. We’re going to start with the basics, but over the six weeks we will work through to creating files for print and using more advanced techniques.

When does the course start?
If you purchase using the upfront payment option, all of the content is available immediately. If you purchase using the payment plan you will receive the first module immediately and then one each week for the following five weeks.

Can I do this course if I’m left-handed?
Yep. That’s one of the great things about lettering on an iPad – no smudging!

How long do I have access to the content for?
Forever and ever, amen. Ok, maybe that’s exaggerating, but for as long as I inhabit this corner of the internet.