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Feeling a little lost in the giant ocean of lettery artists?

Mastered some of the basics, but feeling overwhelmed at the thought of how to make it truly your own?

I see you.

Let’s be honest, if finding your style?was as easy as filling out a few forms, dotting a few i’s and crossing a few t’s, you’d totally have it sorted by now.

Stop going round in circles, comparing yourself to all of the strangers on the internet, and convincing yourself that you’re fighting a losing battle.

Instead, let me walk you through a six week expedition (because I f*cking hate the word journey) of self discovery, reflection, and creative practice that will give you the tools you need to create art that feels authentic.

Let’s set you up to embrace your ever-evolving style (because, hot tip, you’re going to have more than one style in your artistic life, unless you plan to never grow as an artist, but we know better than that) and to have fun in the process.

Beginning 7th October, for six weeks, let’s swap out that hyper-critical voice inside your head (you know, the one that says all those nasty things about your art) for my voice instead (I’d place pretty high odds that I’d never be as harsh on you as you are on yourself).

I’ve been there, feeling like every piece of art I produce is just a shitty version of ‘what everyone else is doing’.

When I started lettering in 2014 the lettery landscape looked very different to what it does today. Way less noise, way less opportunity to compare myself to what everyone else was doing, and at the time, I had a pretty clear picture of?what I wanted to be lettering (there were a lot of bible verses in those days).

Fast forward five years and I’ve changed a lot as a human. I’ve been through my youngest child having major surgery, my marriage ending, my kids all relocating schools (twice!), and a wild expedition (still not going to say journey) of personal growth. I’m not who I was five years ago. It makes sense that my art isn’t the same either.

Style evolves as we do, but we need to create space to do that.

These days, Instagram is flooded with pretty letters. Some with florals, some with ornate flourishes, others a mashup of messy ink strokes. So many opportunities to compare yourself to others. Ugh.

Step away with me for six weeks, drop the comparison, drop the shitty voice in your head that says your art is never going to be any good, and come explore with me.

It’s going to be fun!

And yeah, you may find yourself sitting in the grass sometime in the next six weeks, but there will be a very valid reason, I promise.

This course is unlike any I’ve offered before because it’s going to be delivered primarily via audio.

No videos, because the point here isn’t for you to copy my letters, it’s for you to reflect on what lights?you up and express that more authentically through your art.

Instead, each day (from Monday – Friday) for six weeks, you’ll receive a new audio lesson from me, a worksheet to complete, and a daily creative prompt.

The lessons will take you through a process of self reflection and discovery, giving you the information and space to make the sort of connections required in order to create the art you’ve been longing to produce – art that is you.

The daily creative prompts are about building a personal creative practice, a daily practice,?because discovering your own style requires making more art. You don’t have to spend hours every day creating, in fact, I’d discourage you from setting a bar so high you’ll never be able to keep it up, you don’t have to share your work with anyone, and it doesn’t have to be perfect (perfection isn’t a thing anyway). The goal is to create more, to observe patterns, and to lean in to what makes you you.

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What do I need to do this course?
Whatever medium you want to work with. I’m not going to be at all prescriptive with the creative prompts, it’s up to you to work out how to best create every day – but the goal here is consistency, so a setup that requires 30 minutes of unpacking and an hour of cleanup every day is not ideal. You can work on an iPad, you can work with a pencil and paper, whatever you have available and feels good to you.

How will the content be delivered?
The content will be delivered via a members-only section of the website. Modules will be released at the beginning of each week, with audio for each day of the week Monday-Friday. You will be able to download the workbook for each module at the beginning of each week. Audio can be played on the website, or downloaded to your device for offline replay.

How long will I have access to the content?
The audio and workbook content will be available for as long as I’m delivering online content. ie. “lifetime access”. The Facebook group (if you join at a level that gives you access to it) will be available from 7th October – 22nd November and will then be archived until the next round of this course.