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I believe mindset is so very important when it comes to creativity, that I’ve written some of my top creative commandments for you to read and refer to as needed! I’ll probably add to this list over time 😉

1. Start with what you?ve got.

Don?t let not having ?the right tools? prevent you from getting started. Start with what you?ve got ? raid your kid?s art supplies, grab a Pencil and paper, or a crayon you dug out of the couch. The important bit is starting, and getting some practice in. We all suck to start with. I promise. But you have to start to get better.


2. Do what brings you joy.

If doing drills brings you joy, do them. If practicing bible verses on an iPad brings you joy, do that. If writing swear words in beautiful watercolours brings you joy, do that. Because it?s the practice that matters more than anything else. And you will do more of what brings you joy.


3. Stop chasing perfection.

When it comes to art, it?s not a thing!! I get it, when you look at other people?s art, you see all the beauty and none of the flaws…. but when you reflect on your own you see all the terrible things that are wrong with it and are sure everyone else can see too.

But here?s the thing – for every person who comments on my Instagram posts with something along the lines of ?OMG this is literally perfection?, there is another who posts ?ugh, the dot on that i is bothering me so much?….

My art isn?t valuable because someone else decides it is – people?s opinions will vary. My art is valuable because it?s an expression of my creativity. And I?m imperfect. And it?s imperfect. And it?s still beautiful. Embrace it. And stop chasing perfection.

4. Remember that there?s room for everyone

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram, looking at all the beautiful things, and wondering why you would even bother sharing your art, seems there?s already someone doing what you?re doing anyway? Yeah, me too.

But deep down, I believe there?s room for everyone. There?s room for my art and yours, for my business, for your business, for the business that seems to be doing all the same things you are. There?s room for everyone. And honestly, the world is a more beautiful place the more art and creative entrepreneurship that there is in it, who wouldn?t want that?!

So next time you find yourself feeling frustrated because someone else is doing something similar to you, or inadequate because you?ve got your self-judgy-pants on and have decided that someone else is doing something ?better? than you, stop it. Save this post to re-read when it happens if you need to. And remember, there?s room for everyone. The world needs your voice, your art, your heart and what you have to share.