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Clarity Update

You know how sometimes when you’re in a relationship for a long time, you just kinda grow in different directions? And at first, you think maybe it’s stuff you can work on, so you try changing things up a bit, finding a new therapist, doing some more work on yourself…. But at some point you have to accept that it’s just time to part ways.

My lettering business and I have reached that point in our relationship.

We found each other at a tumultuous time in my life. Baby number 6 had just been born, he had medical issues that meant I could no longer work for clients as a graphic designer, so I moved my creative endeavours online, starting out with selling prints with my designs on them. A year or two later and I stepped into creating online courses and felt like I had found my place in the online world (selling prints was not for me, no thank youuuu).

Within 12 months of my first online course launching, my marriage ended abruptly, and painfully. Teaching lettering online is what allowed me to survive an incredibly intense season of single parenting six small humans, to have space to grieve the end of the marriage, and to begin the process of healing from both the marriage itself and the spiritual abuse that had occurred in the church spaces I had been involved in.

So to say I’m grateful for all it’s provided over the last five years would be a massive understatement.

But I’m not the person now that I was then. And during the course of working through all of my inner shit over the last few years, I always assumed that at some point I would just be able to adapt my creative pursuits when the time was right.

I’ve tried shifting the way I present my content, I’ve tried creating a whole new look in the hopes it would be a container that was aligned for both me and the brand. (Sidenote, this is how the Letter Lovers Club was born, and even just a few weeks ago, I was super excited to announce it to you, more on that below)

Turns out, we’ve just grown too far apart. And it’s time to go our separate ways.

I LOVE seeing people embrace their creativity. I love giving you tools to do that. But my days of creating lettery teaching content are over. Me and my lettery business are breaking up.

To be completely transparent, I don’t entirely know what’s next for me. I just know that this is the next thing I need to do, and trust the rest will unfold. I’m mildly (ok massively) terrified, but also excited to see what happens next. My birthday is this month, 2020 has been a massive year, and I feel like a new season is unfolding.

What does that mean for Clarity?

After this month, I will no longer be adding content to Clarity. I have planned content for October but that will be the last addition to the library.

But because I know some people may want ongoing access, and there are people who were eagerly awaiting the re-opening of enrolments so that they could jump in, I’m putting out one final lettery offer into the world.

I’ve bundled up all of the Clarity content, plus five of my courses – Lettering for iPad : Simple & Sassy, Lettermotion, Find Your Lettery Style, Lettery Business, and Creative Mindset Bootcamp – and am offering ongoing access to them for one upfront payment (or 4 x weekly payments because I know I’ve kinda just sprung this on you).

Bought separately, this content would cost US$2031. The bundle is on sale for US$380 (or 4 x US$99)

But it is only going to be available until my birthday on October 22nd. Then it all goes away. For good.

I’ll still be around for tech support for all of these products, but I won’t be adding to them, or using Facebook groups to support them moving forward.

This bundle is going to be available over at – because I had already rebuilt over there on a new platform that gives you some really cool stuff like progress tracking and the ability to save your favourite pieces of content. I recorded a walkthrough video of what it looks like inside the site that you can view here :


As a Clarity member, your options are to:

1. Cancel your membership at and buy the package at. The bundle is an outright purchase with no ongoing costs. It includes the Clarity content, plus my four main courses.

To cancel your membership. Log into the website at, click on “My subscriptions” then view beside your Clarity subscription – there will be a cancel button there. You will no longer have access to the Clarity member portal once your current billing period has ended.

*** This bundle is only avaialble for one more week. my birthday is October 22nd, and the cart will close on this bundle forever then ***

2. Stay on and keep paying per month for as long as you’d like to access the Clarity content, but be aware there will be no new content added. To continue to access the portal, your membership will still need to be active. The option to join the new site will not be available after October 22nd.

As a subscription based service, access to the Clarity library has always been tied to having an active subscription. From the sales page: “Worksheets, brushes and palettes are all downloadable for you to save to your device. Video lessons can only be viewed from within the member portal while you have an active membership.” Similar to a Netflix, Spotify, or Gym subscription – you have access while you pay for the subscription. (Although Clarity did have an added perk of being able to download and store a very large library of resources in the way of brushes, worksheets, and palettes.)

The cost of a Clarity subscription was always lower than what I would have priced the individual pieces at because you are purchasing access to the library, not outright ownership of the individual pieces involved. It also means that people who joined three months ago can access the same content as people who joined sixteen months ago. Just like Netflix.

So if you wish to continue accessing the library of Clarity content as it stands at, you will need to keep your membership active. It is going to cost me money to keep this content available for you. I have put countless hours of work into not only creating the content for Clarity (many of the brushes I’ve made for this community were hand painted, digitised, edited, before they even because brush source files), but also the technology and container to host it and keep it available for you to use

3. Just cancel your membership at using the instructions above.