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Ok, let me get something straight. I am *not* anti-chocolate. I am aaalllll for the chocolate. But all the chocolate in my kids? Not so much. And it seems that the last day of Term 1 of every year brings with it a crazy chocolate overload in the form of the school-yard easter egg exchange. No thanks.

Thankfully, this year, genius happened. My lovely friend Meegan (from The Harvey Circus) and I were out shopping last week and started chatting about the need to plan ahead (read: be the most awesome mothers around and *not* buy a packet of easter eggs from Coles at 8:55PM on Wednesday night this year) when we decided that we needed an idea to avoid even more chocolate crazy happening because of our contribution to the egg tradition.

Then we saw these.

2015-03-31 16.27.09

Look at all that plasticy goodness. Not a drop of chocolate in sight.

And then the genius. Why not smoosh Easter and Christmas together and fill the cute little non-chocolate eggs with totally corny jokes and some random little trinket thing! (Ok, honestly, we looked at the cute little yellow eggs, multiplied the cost by 30 children in 8 classes – my 5 + her 3 – and decided our wallets preferred not to do that).

And then it got even better. We found these!

Scratch and sniff

Scratch & sniff stickers. Chocolate scratch & sniff stickers. All the smell, without the crazy! Winning!

So we set to work, printing and cutting, and folding and stuffing. Like this:

Easter Jokes

Anti-chocolate easter eggs


Before long (ok, it was a while, and we were going to make the children do it all, but they were so happy, and quiet, and playing away from where we were sitting, that we did it ourselves) we had 160 anti-chocolate easter eggs for our gorgeous ones to give to their friends, and we felt very happy with ourselves! And all the mummies said yaaaaay!

Bonus, because we love sharing, and we had fun, we have a free printable for you to do the same (if you have time in the one day that is left between me hitting ‘publish’ and it being the end of the term… If you don’t, pin it for next year!).

Download it here.

Be blessed!

Liss (and Meegan!)



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