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Check out Sunday and Monday if you missed them! x


Wake from awful sleepless night to smallest one with a raging fever, totally losing the plot. Try and get some drugs into him, more screaming, gagging… he decides he needs to be in the car. Now. #strangechild . Eventually get the small one back out of the car just in time for him to spew all over me. Shower time, obviously. Attempt to get all the other children moving to get ready for school while simultaneously supervising the smallest one in the shower, who is nearly fast asleep on the floor of the shower. #motheroftheyear. Text lovely friend who usually has him on Tuesdays to see if she’s happy to have him stillĀ (at the urgings of another lovely friend who reminds me that I am solo parenting all week and there’s no point feeling mother guilt if the child is still being well cared for and I am getting a much-needed break).

Obsessively clean the house in the final minutes before the stupid rental inspection. Enlist children to do all the things as well.

Yep, it was one of those mornings. #distracted #scatterbrained #oops

Yep, it was one of those mornings. #distracted #scatterbrained #oops

Children to school. Coffee.

Leave the house before property manager shows up.

Drop the smallest one to lovely friend’s house.

Pilates. Because my back hates me, which is probably fair given how I’ve treated it. But still, trying to at least start to take care of it.

Scrapbooking shop. Embossing pen. Where have you been all my life? Why did I not know there was this amazing place overflowing with fun things less than 10 minutes from my house?

Coffee with another lovely friend. #becauseadultconversation

Home for skype session with new lovely counsellor. Because I am seriously messed up from all the crazy. But then aren’t we all messed up, and a bit crazy?! #amen

Emails, Instagram, vague moments of staring at the computer trying to remember what I was doing.

Smallest one is dropped home. Lovely friend has also made us dinner. She is so lovely. Did I mention that?

5 school children arrive home.

Get ready for basketball practice for 2 big boys. Photo day. Endure screaming about lost basketball shorts.

Drop two big boys at basketball then go and buy 2 Kinder Surprise eggs for the smaller boys in an attempt to get cash out to pay for basketball team photos that I totally forgot I need to have cash for. Get to the register to discover a “sorry we can’t do cash out at the moment sign”. Use ATM, pick up trail of rubbish from the smallest one’s egg that he’s discarded onto the ground as he walks towards the car, drive back to basketball.

Sit outside basketball practice for AN HOUR with two smallest boys. Realise that Asher could make a fun stop motion video, discover cool Lego app to do that in, one less child to entertain. #winning

Drive home to serve delicious dinner prepared by lovely friend to all the people.

Realise the smallest one has fallen asleep on the couch, with no clothes on, watching his iPad. #oops

3 big boys in bed.

Girls in bed. Because awful attitudes from the biggest one this afternoon and this mumma ain’t got time for that.

Wine + emails + social media content schedule for client + staring blankly at the screen trying to remember the 500 other things I thought I needed to get done today. Work on custom art for friend. Play with new embossing tools then get annoyed that they don’t work the way I want them to. Ice-cream…. wonder *why* I was silly enough to think I didn’t *need* ice-cream when I was in the shop buying chocolate for the small boys.

Resettle distressed small one. Bad dream? Grateful for no fever tonight, but still feeling apprehensive about another awful night. Try not to fall asleep while lying down with him!

Back at the computer, more email sorting, check in on social media accounts, reply to comments I’d missed. Some late-night lettering, more work on the custom art piece. Try not to get cranky at the stupid washing machine that keeps yelling at me that it’s off balance because the teenager put it on the wrong cycle. Muffin. Wine. Lettering. Posting on Instagram, replying to comments on Instagram, checking DMs on Instagram.

Bed. I rarely go to bed before midnight. This week is weird.

Ok, that was a little preemptive…. Still up, distracted by the gorgeous Candace Payne (aka The Happy Chewbacca) sharing about her love for Jesus on a FB video. *Now* to bed!




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