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Who even knows what “typical” is anyway? Lots of people have been asking me lately about how I do all the things, so I thought I’d share daily for a week few days (edited to add: a week, who was I kidding, I can’t commit to things for that long, I did five days, go me!) a super honest look into my super glamorous* life and how all things happen around here at the house of smith… enjoy.


Woke up after 2 hours sleep (see, super glamorous) because I was on worship team for church and had to be there at 7:30am.

Watched 10 year old pour the last drops of milk in the house into his cereal bowl and tried not to cry. #ineedcoffee #nosingingwithoutcoffee

Left for church in just enough time to buy coffee on the way, and realise that dodgy coffee may make a good Instagram post if I can write on the cup.

Ordered coffee then was handed the cup only to realise it was a black cup and I didn’t have white pens with me. #fail #rethinkingstrategy


Yes I really took that many photos. Usually it’s more….

Arrive at church and stand in the carpark half awake taking photos of my hand holding the coffee for future Instagram use.

Music rehearsal, prepare Instagram coffee post while watching others sing. Sing for first service. Post on Instagram. Sing some more, sketchnote the sermon – didn’t finish them though because had to sing at the end, put reminder in brain to finish when I get home.

Catch up with Pastor about needing blueprints for staging a shot for a video I’m doing for a new campaign. #totallynormal

Stand in the carpark and have a super important conversation about my preferred nail salon and colours with another one of the Pastors, because she’s the one who recommended the nail salon to me and because she’s fun to chat with and, well because I may now be avoiding going home because there are so many people there.

Sketchnotes finished and photographed.

Go do groceries because that’s a good stall tactic. Ring the husband and ask him to put dinner into the slow cooker.

Home to finish sketchnotes from the morning sermon, take photos of finished notes and post on instagram, then cut the husband’s hair and get ready to take him to the airport.

Put all the children into the car to take the husband to the airport, because he’s away for work until Friday night. Endure the toddler screaming the whole way home because he fell asleep on the drive there then was woken up part way home.

Feed all the children. Cleaning in preparation for stupid rental inspection on Tuesday morning. Get the children ready for school. Put them to bed.

Drop all the text I was sent during the day into the booklet I’m working on for the church project. Do another Instagram post because I love hearing from my community. Answer emails, reply to requests for proposals. Do businessy things.

Bed. Instagram. Chat with people online.



And then came Monday


* not even slightly glamorous…



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