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Check out Sunday if you missed it. x


Begrudgingly roll out of bed. #notamorningperson

All the people off to school. Jump into the car with the smallest one. Drive 35 minutes for a Dr’s appointment for him.

Endure the smallest one having vaccinations, two of them. #sadmumma #sadbubba

New bedding for our bed - the smallest one loves it!

New bedding for our bed – the smallest one loves it!

Bribe the smallest one with chocolate eggs and Lightning McQueen cars and anything else I can think of to try and get him to cooperate with me on a trip to the craft store because I’ve decided I neeeeeeed some embossing powder and a heat tool, because embossed hand lettering is going to be my new thing. For today at least. Bribe him with a lollipop to stay in the trolley then realise that will only last for a few minutes…. Carry screaming toddler around the craft shop then run after him once he gets away from me multiple times and I can’t move the trolley fast enough to keep up with him

More shopping, more screaming, more of the same. Fun times.

Distracted for a moment, scrubbing something #becauserentalinspection and I turn around to find this in the pantry. Thanks Josiah.

Distracted for a moment, scrubbing something #becauserentalinspection and I turn around to find this in the pantry. Thanks Josiah.

Home with a toddler who should have slept but is now wide awake because his new Lightning McQueen car and Mack truck are way too fun to play with. All the cleaning and making of beds (new sheets and quilt cover for us, yay) in preparation for stupid rental inspection in the morning. Check and reply to a few emails and Insta messages while there’s a quick moment to do so.

4 children home from school, load all + the small one into the car to drive 35 minutes to chiropractor appointment for the 10 year old. Small one falls asleep now, of course.

Small one wakes up 2 minutes before leaving chiropractor and is horrified at the thought of being in the car again. Much screaming.

Stop at the shops to try and bribe the toddler again to stop screaming. #thereisnoreasoningwithhim #iseeapatternforminghere

Buy awful fast food to feed all the children on the way home. Ignore the raging mother guilt.

Home, more cleaning for stupid rental inspection, get children to get uniforms out for tomorrow, wash themselves, get ready for bed. Reply to a few more emails. All the fun things.

13 year old arrives home from basketball.

All the boys in bed, attempt to get the smallest one to sleep. #fail



Smallest one finally asleep, now to the girls… 11 year old to bed, realise the 13 year old needs dinnner. #motheroftheyear. Put together new train set for the smallest one. Attempt to work out how to use liquid nails stuff to glue the trainset together. #win

Dinner with the 13 year old. Attempt to play with embossing powder and heat tool. #fail. Realise I really do need an embossing pen or liquid of some sort.

Bed. Discover the small one now has a fever, reaction from the vaccination earlier in the day. Small one refuses drugs, we both spend most of the night awake, some of the night walking around trying to settle him, some of the night sitting in the shower. There is not much sleep happening.

Bring on Tuesday!

* not even slightly glamorous…



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