Welcome to the School of Letterigraphy. Here, we’re all about creating beautiful letters, without getting hung up on whether it’s calligraphy or lettering, whether you’re using an iPad or a brush pen. We just believe the world needs more art, and we’re excited to help you make that happen!

Getting Started

Quality resources, Fun learning!

A quick note before you dive in. All of our programs, worksheets and brushes are designed to be used with the Procreate app – available for iPads. Many of them will also work with Procreate Pocket, available for iPhones. You can read more about which devices are compatible with Procreate on their website here.

For iPad users, we strongly recommend working with an Apple Pencil, however if your iPad is not compatible with the Apple Pencil, it’s important to make sure you have a pressure sensitive stylus to get the most out of the brushes and classes available here.

Membership Community


Are you ready to take your iPad Lettering to the next level?

Clarity is the leading online membership program for iPad Lettery people. Each month, you’ll get a new project to complete, a delicious colour palette to enjoy, and much more.

You’ll be creating spectacular letters in no time!

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Custom Brushes

Whether you’re looking for basic lettering brushes, or something a little more fun, we’ve got Procreate brush sets you’re going to love.

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Online Courses

Online courses are open for enrolment at various times throughout the year. Courses cover specific topics to do with iPad Lettering, finding your unique style, and building your creative mindset up so that you can confidently share your art with the world.

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Free Community

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Hi! I’m Liss.

I’ve been lettering since 2014, having worked as a graphic designer for years before that. I’m also a single mum to six incredible humans (aged 6-16), so I know a bit about getting things done on a limited time budget and keeping things simple because life already has enough crazy going on.

Read more about me here.